My name is Brad, and I have been teaching Drama, Film studies and English to high school students in Northern California for the past 27 years. I have been a passionate fan of movies, mysteries and musicals for much longer than that!

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  1. Hey Brad, we’re just discovering your blog today. As fellow Agatha Christie fanatics, we wanted to: 1) say hello; and 2) invite you to listen to our podcast, All About Agatha (on iTunes or Stitcher: you can click the link on our Twitter profile @allaboutthedame), in which we analyze/critique/adore every single Agatha Christie novel in order of (UK) publication. We even attempt to rank them. (All in good fun.) Hope you get a chance to check it out!


    1. I think there’s a follow button somewhere on the main page, usually on the right side, Dorothy. I don’t see it because it’s my own blog, but I have followers, so I know it’s there!


    1. Let’s see: reading from left to right, Lord Peter Wimsey, Miss Marple, Dr. Gideon Fell, Father Brown, Inspector Maigret, Edgar Allen Poe, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Charlie Chan, Ellery Queen and Nero Wolfe! I think that’s correct!


  2. Just discovered this wonderful blog, and am excited to see such in depth, perceptive analysis of Agatha Christie. Trying to resist the urge to resurrect too many old posts with comments of my own.

    One question – what is GAD?


    1. Hey, Rick! Thanks for reading! I hope you will look around and comment on things. “GAD” stands for the Golden Age of Detection (of which Christie was queen!) – the period roughly between 1920-1940 when classic detective story authors flourished.


  3. Brad – Moira passed on Murder at Midyears to me – it’s great fun. I know you were longing to read it and if you’d like me to post it on to you, I’d be happy to. You can contact me via christine@christinepoulson.co.uk. Moira and I were at Bodies from the Library yesterday and were hoping you would manage to get to it one year.


  4. Heya Brad, still love your blog madly; have been lurking when I can catch a peek; just wanted you to know I’m still a star-struck fan, even though I haven’t commented in a while. ❤


  5. Awwwww! Thanks, Mx! 🙂

    WordPress drives me crazy! I wanted to respond to your comment about Christie and artists, but it wouldn’t let me do it there. It’s my understanding that Christie loved artists and theatre people, but you’re so right that they don’t come off at all well in her books. In addition to your list, you can add the self-involved acting couple in After the Funeral, virtually everyone in The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side, and Robin Upward in Mrs. McGinty’s Dead, who – like so many real life adapters of Christie’s work – didn’t want to stay true to the original characters and stories.


  6. Hi Brad – What an enjoyable blog. I found your entry on the process of producing a high school production of And Then There Were None especially intriguing, since there is a strong possibility that I’ll be directing the play myself come fall. I’m pretty familiar with the novel, the old film, the 2005 London stage adaption, and the recent BBC adaptation, and I thought your comments about the strengths and weaknesses of the play as published were right on the money. I would love to learn more about the steps you took, with your production, to try to make the play less clunky, dated, and otherwise unpalatable to modern kids and audiences (the brief appearance of a soggy Beatrice Taylor in the window was brilliant! I wonder if I could have ALL of the victims show up at one time or another… Just kidding – kind of.) In any case, I’d love to be able to chat or correspond with you briefly about your experiences. My email is stubarr@aol.com. Many thanks – Stuart Rosenthal


  7. Hello fellow theatre teacher and highly enjoyable writer. Have been lurking? Stalking? For a few months and enjoy your blog quite a bit. I also enjoy reading the back and forth between you and JJ. Keep on keeping on Ms Ro


      1. Not teaching anymore but I taught high school theatre in Texas, land of the One Act Play Contest which could great fun and cause copious amounts of hair loss all at the same time. I do miss it but on the plus side, more time to read lol


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