EDITOR’S NOTE: I was putting the final touches on my last post for the Tuesday Night Bloggers about great detectives (my topic was “Recipe for Success: the Six Best-Fed Sleuths”) when I was sent the article I include below. I think this sad news is appropriate to the TNG topic this month. My comments follow:) … Continue reading OBIT


If you were with us yesterday, Encyclopedia Brown had to find out who robbed Mr. Thurlow’s bookstore . . . even if it meant bringing in his best friend!!! Here’s the solution! Mrs. Brown, in a fresh starched apron and carrying a plate of freshly baked chocolate cinnamon raisin dreams, greeted her weary menfolk as … Continue reading ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN FINDS THE SOLUTION


Like every major metropolitan newspaper, the Idaville Gazette had a book reviewer. Bernice Sturgess, whose son Cicero was Idaville’s leading child actor, wrote a column that appeared every Thursday. Her tastes ran to romance authors and non-fiction, so it was no surprise when a review appeared for a book called 100 Greatest Literary Detectives. The town’s … Continue reading THE WORLD’S BEST LITERARY DETECTIVE . . . JR.

ANATOMY OF AN ADAPTATION: Hercule Poirot’s Christmas aux Francaise

All month, the Tuesday Night Bloggers are dedicating April as “Anything Goes” month, and all our entries begin with the letter “A.” I seem to have found my niche by focusing on the greatest “A” of all: Dame “A”gatha Christie, of course! I’ve honed the focus even further from the author’s depiction of actors in … Continue reading ANATOMY OF AN ADAPTATION: Hercule Poirot’s Christmas aux Francaise