Sensitive as we are to the thematic possibilities of each month, The Tuesday Night Bloggers are beginning what I hope will be a much better year than 2017 with a discussion of “firsts.” The suggestion came from Kate at Cross-Examining Crime, and she said we could make this about anything we like. So I thought … Continue reading THE FIRST DETECTIVES


KA-POOWW! KA-BOOOM! Holmes and Queen in Four Colors

In the early 1960’s, Dell’s Four Color Series experimented with giving some of the great detectives the Superman treatment by trying them out as comic books. The newsstands’ luster was raised by the appearance of original stories featuring Sherlock Holmes and Ellery Queen. Unfortunately, these experiments did not bear fruit, and neither detective earned enough … Continue reading KA-POOWW! KA-BOOOM! Holmes and Queen in Four Colors