UNRELIABLE ME: The Woman in the Window

As mysteries go, you may know that I'm an "old soul." The unfortunate side effect of this is that my relationship to modern crime novels is . . . er, problematic. I get especially angry when today's writers create or seek comparisons with past greats. Only today, I picked up the latest Ruth Ware novel … Continue reading UNRELIABLE ME: The Woman in the Window



Almost exactly a year ago, I reported to you that I had enrolled in an evening course on Scandinavian crime fiction at Stanford University. If you follow my exploits with any regularity, you all know how that turned out! (above) The mood evoked when reading a Scandinavian crime novel. My professor was an extremely affable … Continue reading GETTING CLOSER TO THE DREAM!

GENRE TRANSCENDANT: A Quartet of Great Films

Christmas is just around the corner (he said two days before Thanksgiving!), and that means movie studios are about to inundate the theatres with their “prestige” films, hoping these will receive consideration for the big awards (the Golden Globes, the Oscars, and the Independent Spirit). Every year, this period where good movies are released shrinks … Continue reading GENRE TRANSCENDANT: A Quartet of Great Films


All through April, the Tuesday Night Bloggers are on an “Anything Goes” kick: the subject can be anything beginning with the letter “A.” So far this month, I’ve focused on Agatha – Christie, that is – so I thought that, for my final TNG post of the month, I would switch it up to another … Continue reading A IS FOR ALFRED